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Innovative Mobile Services and Systems

Innovative Mobile Services and Systems was a course focused on the designing and development of mobile applications. The course contained three assignments and one group project. The assignment all involved developing for a mobile platform of our choosing, I chose to develop for Android.

On the group project we were given quite few restrictions on what we could do, and it was up to us to decide where we wanted our level of ambition to lie. Our group felt that we wanted to make something that we felt was missing and that could help people in their daily life. On of the problems that we all had encountered during our time in the university was their awful help with finding classrooms and lecture halls. Every house has their own way of naming rooms and it’s not unusual that two different rooms in two different houses share the same name. Sometimes rooms never go by their official name, but instead by a name given by the students or the teachers which only adds to the problem of finding the right room. On top of all this, there’s almost no help whatsoever on the university site, leaving the responsibility of finding or informing about the room to the students and teachers.

To help combat this problem my group decided on creating a mobile application that allowed users to search for rooms and also give the users the opportunity to add a given name to the rooms. Each room would then also be given an unique ID that teachers could refer to in order to avoid the confusion of rooms sharing the same name. There would also be a web version of the application on the university site that also would have links to each room that online schedules could refer to making the map quick and easy to access.

When a room is selected the house it's in gets marked.

Clicking on a house allows the user to view the construction plan for each floor.

Sketches of the web version.


A mock up on the web version of the application.

The course left me and others with a craving for more application development. It may have had a heavier workload, but that was mainly because we set the bar quite high for ourselves seeing how we thought it was both fun and educational. We all felt how new ideas started to pop up every now and then both during and after attending this course and the prerequisite course, Prototype Development for Mobile Applications.


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