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Trying to fix the corporate world

I saw “The Yes Men Fix The World” the other day. It’s a documentary about the activist group called the Yes Men. The Yes Men pose as employees of big corporations and go to conferences, hold press meetings or have interviews. At these events they then take the opportunity to expose or ridicule the corporate mentality through parody and humour.

It’s a fun movie and it really shows that some corporations are so overtaken by greed that they applaud at ways of earning more money through the misfortune of others. The movie has been released free of charge to the public via their website, and they encourage the spreading of the movie. So why not go over there and download it for a rainy day.

But just as the movie points out as well, big corporations can do a lot of good in the world, even though most don’t. Google has come to be one of the bigger corporations in the world but always try to remain grounded. After reading The New York Times article about Google paying its employees tax for benefits received from same-sex partnerships, one can see that they really are trying hard to live up to their informal motto, “Don’t be evil”. Apparently US residents with domestic partners pay a tax, which averages around 1069 USD per year, for their employer-provided health benefits. This tax is exclusive to homosexual employees since heterosexual married couples are excluded since they aren’t counted as domestic partners. Head over to the source article to get the full story as well as read about other benefits that all Google employees receive.

That’s all for now, until next time!


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